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Professional Pan flute player and music producer

Who I am



The Music and Magic
of the Pan flute

I am a musician enchanted by the tones of an untraditional instrument, the panpipe. 

I have played this instrument full-time for almost ten years although I originally studied another wind instrument at Janáček Conservatoire in Ostrava. I regularly perform at cultural and social events and collaborate with leading musicians and ensembles in the Czech Republic and abroad.

I create my own concert projects called “The Magic Flute” for different occasions, programmes for retirement homes as well as education programmes for students and primary school pupils.

Petr Tomeček - Kdo jsem

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Once Upon a Time in the West

Song from a Secret Garden

Panna a netvor


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V kostele sv. Šimona a Judy zazněla Panova flétna a akordeon (

Od renesance k popu. Repertoár pro Panovu flétnu je bohatý, uvádí muzikant Tomeček (

Pan flute



The magic of an
untraditional instrument

The pan flute is one of the oldest wind instruments. Its name comes from ancient Greek mythology. According to legend, the Arcadian god Pan, patron of shepherds and their herds, fell in love with a beautiful nymph called Syrinx. Because Pan was half-man and half-goat, she didn’t requite his love. When his interest in Syrinx became unbearable for her, she began to run away from him and hide. However, Pan kept following her all the way to a river. It was there that the nymph asked the chief deity, Zeus, to turn her into reeds and he answered her plea. Pan’s love for her was so strong that he used the reeds to make a musical instrument consisting of pipes of different lengths and every evening he played mournful, gloomy melodies on it.

Petr Tomeček - Panova flétna


Petr Tomeček

Léčivá flétna, z. s.
Braunerova 563/7, Libeň, 180 00 Praha 8

IČ:21326029, zápis v OR: L 78863 vedená u Městského soudu v Praze